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Terms & Conditions

Returns Policy The Qp bed furniture is committed to service excellence. If you are not getting the service you deserve, please contact us so we can investigate any issues you are experiencing and correct them. Please Note : Due to Covid19 and Hygiene , returns or refunds are now subject to an individual case by case bases
Returning A Purchase The Qp bed furniture respects consumer rights and you have the right to return unsatisfactory goods. We would like to make your customer experience as pleasant as possible. If you have bought any goods and you are experiencing problems with the goods and would like to return them we will be happy to assist.
You may return the goods to The Qp bed furniture with no undue or additional risk or expense to yourself and receive a full refund within 21 working days if: You did not get the opportunity to examine the goods when they were delivered; You received a mixture of goods, i.e. you received some goods that we agreed to supply mixed with goods of a different description that you did not order; The goods you have acquired are not suitable for the purpose marketed for and described on our site at the time of purchase. The Qp bed furniture will refund you less admin and delivery and pick up charges for the goods if the goods are returned in the original unopened packaging;
If the goods are returned in their original condition and repackaged in their original packaging we may charge you a reasonable amount for: Use of the goods during the time they were used; Necessary restoration costs to render the goods fit for re-stocking; Please Note: Pillows, mattress protectors and pillow protectors are non-refundable and cannot be returned once the original seal has been opened.
Defective Goods If the goods purchased are defective; are not of good quality; cannot be used and is not durable for a reasonable period of time; and/or not in good working order; or is not compliant with any applicable standards set under the Standards Act, 1993 (Act No. 29 or 1993), or any other public regulation; then the goods may be returned to The Qp bed furniture within six months.
In the above event The Qp bed furniture will: repair or replace the failed, unsafe or defective goods; or refund you the price paid for the goods. Late Deliveries You may cancel your order if you have not received delivery within: 15 working days if the goods are in stock; and 25 days if the goods are out of stock
Note: You may not return goods if after having been supplied the goods you have partially or entirely disassembled, physically altered, permanently installed, affixed, attached, joined or added to, blended or combined, or embedded within other products or property.